Total Leader Concept

Capable business-people can lead themselves and those around them. They are self-motivated, have clear goals which they share with their co-workers, they have good knowledge of human nature and are assertive and goal-driven. And they can motivate their environment. These qualities are needed at all hierarchical levels in order to master the challenges of the modern business world.

LMI offers non-disruptive courses which take place alongside normal everyday business. The communication triangle between participant, employer and coach guarantees constant feedback and efficient monitoring of progress made.

„Success is the progressive realisation of predetermined worthwhile personal goals." This definition is at the basis of LMI’s TOTAL LEADER CONCEPT with its clear focus upon SMART (specific, measurable, achievable,realistic, tangible) goals.

The TOTAL LEADER CONCEPT consists of four key elements, forming a matrix with emphasis upon emotional and rational components for private and business spheres:

Effective Personal Productivity (EPP)

Above all, executives are expected to be efficient. They must ensure that resources, both their own and those of others, be used to maximum effect. 

This course starts with a profound analysis of the current status quo as a basis for orientation, identifying clearly formulated goals and providing the tools needed in order to achieve them. These include priority/time-management, delegation and control as well as communication and motivation in order to get the best from employees.


7 Meetings over 4 months

Effective Personal Leadership (EPL)

Successful managers are able to lead themselves and those around them. They have clear goals, a good knowledge of human nature, empathy, assertiveness, self-motivation and the power to motivate those around them. In order to exercise leadership in an ever-more competitive world, it is essential to become a leader in the integral sense of the word. The course is aimed at understanding and developing one’s own mental mechanisms – attitudes and habits. Half of the course is devoted to attaining professional goals, the other half concerns itself with attaining private goals in order to achieve a good work/ life balance.


9 Meetings over 5 months

Effective Motivational Leadership

People are the decisive factor behind any company’s success. Therefore employees must be empowered if they are to perform at their best to their employer’s advantage. Unfortunately specialised knowledge is not enough, leadership skills are also called for in order to achieve success. This applies to all levels of management, where the ability to establish and develop relationships is vital for success. The ‘Motivational Leadership’ course fosters and demands the development of positive attitudes. Managers can develop their co-workers into value-oriented, creative, confident and goaldriven individuals who - like their manager – make more and more use of their potential.

9 Meetings over 5 months 

Effective Strategic Leadership

In a fast-changing business world with more and more global players and an accent on technology, emphasis needs to be placed upon leadership as the way forwards in order to manage more – and more complex – business tasks employing limited resources. Sustainable business success is the result of innovative strategies implemented at all hierarchical levels. Tomorrow’s business leader ensures that all co-workers understand and share the company’s mission and vision together with corporate values and goals. Executives are supported by this program on the way to developing and implementing leadership strategies which aim to involve all employees in successfully facing the challenges of today’s fast-paced business world. 

11 Meetings over 7 months