About LMI

The focus is on supporting the development of leaders. LMI convinced by a unique range of services. They assure a sustainable impact in the clientele by experienced Licensees (your local contact) and their instructor. To promote the professional approach the Master Licensees from different countries have opted for a collaboration that is reflected in a common management structure with transparent responsibilities. The procedure is based on a common management system that meets the requirements of ISO 29990 requirements. 


We believe that people have an almost unlimited potential for the realization of their hopes and dreams. We help them to specifically use their previously untapped potential to be even more successful, personally and professionally. We see our role in the development of successful executives, managers and companies through the LMI process. In our work, we see ourselves committed on integrity, trust and mutual respect. We have a vision that LMI DACH future is dependent on the performance of its employees and partners as well as the trust and satisfaction of the clients at the forefront of in-service leadership development.