The acquisition of skills needed in order to master complex tasks and attain goals is the key to success. The focus is not upon the monotonous repetition of given actions, but upon constant improvement. Today, the complexity of tasks - and the skills needed to perform them - has reached new heights. Just a couple of examples:

  • punching a typewriter 30 years ago was simpler to master than learning how to get the most out of today’s computers

  • back then, making a phone call was a much simpler task than knowing the ins and outs of a modern smart phone, never mind keeping up to date on technical

As part of our special programs we offer intensive training on several key issues. These courses are tailored to the needs of our clients and are independent of other programs available.

Communication training

The cornerstone of successful teamwork is effective communication. Managers need to understand others and be understood if they are to make optimal use of the resources at hand and lead their companies to success.

The course aims to sharpen perceptions and provide tools for effective communications which can be learned through the systematic use of the workbook and used with immediate effect. 


7 meetings over 2 months

Sales training

Consolidation and expansion of the customer base is the foremost priority of any business. In a modern environment with short product lifecycles and instant communications, the quality of the people involved in the sales process plays an evermore important role. This course aims to assist individuals in developing optimal personal sales strategies.

The meetings form a platform for defining and discussing next steps as well as lessons learned, training new skills and presenting the results obtained so far. Tasks performed with the help of the workbook flow into everyday working practice. Before the course commences, a briefing takes place between the coach and the company as client.


7 meetings over 2 months