Youth Leader Concept


Why limit access to what LMI has to offer to those already at work? We can extend our expertise to other target groups who can benefit from our vast experience in developing people to their full potential.

Young people standing at the line dividing school, college or university from working life need expert guidance if they are to be successful later on in life. How do I become a good allrounder? What moves me? How can I get to where I want to be? And anyway, where do I really want to be? Whilst still having time for ‘the good things in life’?

The YOUTH LEADER CONCEPT is intended to provide 15-25 year olds with the answers to these, and many more questions and to develop the strengths needed to meet the challenges ahead. The modules are offered in three different versions: ‘school pupils’, ‘students and apprentices’ and ‘young professionals’.

The ‘MAKING OF A CHAMPION’ (MOC) course forms the heart of our offering. The ‘champions’ are young people who attained their own goals through self-discipline and hard work.

These are the programme’s key elements:

  • Identification of own goals and planning of the necessary steps in order to achieve them using the program’s action plans.
  • Development of the necessary skills and attitudes - developing self-confidence, determination, involvement, courage and the willingness to ‘pay the price’ in order to get ahead.

The course is easy to digest, employing many examples of how well-known personalities attained their goals, and leads the participant along the path to success by teaching techniques and methods which will be of invaluable help in later life.

The YOUTH LEADER CONCEPT is built upon 5 pillars which allow for a flexible implementation of the course contents: for instance, instead of attending the basic ‘MOC’ course the participant can attend the ‘MOC Academy’ or the ‘MOC Camp’ with the followon on MOC Advanced course. Moreover, the ‘MOC Plus’ course can be used to develop specific skills.