Total Leader Concept


Capable business-people can lead themselves and those around them. They are self-motivated, have clear goals which they share with their co-workers, they have good knowledge of human nature and are assertive and goal-driven. And they can motivate their environment.

These qualities are needed at all hierarchical levels in order to master the challenges of the modern business world.

LMI offers non-disruptive courses which take place alongside normal everyday business. The communication triangle between participant, employer and coach guarantees constant feedback and efficient monitoring of progress made.

‘Success is the progressive realisation of predetermined worthwhile personal goals.’ This definition is at the basis of LMI’s TOTAL LEADER CONCEPT with its clear focus upon SMART (specific, measurable, achievable,realistic, tangible) goals.

The TOTAL LEADER CONCEPT consists of four key elements, forming a matrix with emphasis upon emotional and rational
components for private and business spheres:

  • Effective Personal Productivity
  • Effective Personal Leadership
  • Effective Motivational Leadership
  • Effective Strategic Leadership