Integration Concept

Integration Concept

Since April 2016 the integration concept offers the following:

First stage: entry level

The emphasis is on the learning of the German language. In addition to intensive language courses, workshops are held in which content such as values, communication, history and culture are conveyed.

Second stage: Courses leading to training and / or career

Prerequisite for participation is the core interest in training and / or employment. The participants are selected by recruitment agencies / job centres and / or companies / institutions.

During these eight weeks, German language courses are carried out throughout companies / institutions.

Third stage: Development of attitudes / habits as well as necessary abilities and skills for a daily professional life.

The "Making of a Champion" course is held over a period of 11 weeks and checked by companies / institutions. The aim of the participants is to start an apprenticeship or a job until the end of the course.

The cooperation with YOUTH GLOBE GmbH supports the social concern of the integration process and guarantees a close-to-life process.